Eviction of Lautonomia – ticker

Today, on the 18th of May, our forest occupation in the Lusatian lignite mining region is being evicted by the police. Here you can find the most current information:


3:45 pm
§315b section 3 is supposed to be the reason for their bail hearing, a paragraph dealing with dangerous interference with road traffic. This has allegedly happened in the context of Ende Gelaende. The minimum penalty is 6 months for a less severe case, and between 1 and 10 years for a more severe case.

Interesting: Exactly these people had been set free on the weekend….  This shows how randomly the state prosecutors changed their mind.

3:18 pm
Most likely, two more people are going to be shown to the magistrate tomorrow. The identities of both persons are known, both are non-german citizens.

3:00 pm
There is a new blog entry in which you can find all dates of solidarity demonstrations we know of. If you also organised something please let us know so that we can add it to the list!

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Police and security: What you have to expect at the forest week

bullen+secuAbout the police

There have been several controls by the police during the last few days. They call it „Verdachtsunabhängige Kontrollen“ (random control without suspicion) caused by the polish-german border which is near the site.
During this control the police will ask a lot of questions so you should either talk about something you want to tell them or just say nothing about where you are heading and what you want to do there.

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Coal-Train blocked with Concrete-Pyramid

pyramidaWe’re sorry that we cant translate all content from the German blog now, because we are too busy with actions. :-/

Since yesterday, 3pm, activists from LAUtonomia and Robin Wood are locked in a 1500kg concrete pyramid on the rails connecting the coal power plant Schwarze Pumpe with the open cast mine Jänschwalde, its most important supplier.

UPDATE 12am, 3rd day:

The Pyramid-Blocade was evicted yesterday around 3:30pm. All activists there were arrested. 7 People were releases this morning, one person remains in inprisonment on remand, at least for 3 weeks. She’s named Yu.

UPDATE 10am, 2nd day:

Technical teams of the police have arrived at the scene, could be that there is an eviction soon.

Solidarity with “Stop Fennovoima”‘s struggle against Nuclear Power!

solifinnlandFor more than a whole year now, activists in Finland resist the building process of a new nuclear power plant – with an occupation. During an action week (22.4. until 1st of May), police evicted and crushed both camps there. They used massive violence against activists, who mostly could flee into the woods. There were dozens of arrests, from which some still continue. Continue reading Solidarity with “Stop Fennovoima”‘s struggle against Nuclear Power!

Invitation to the Forest-Week

WaldwocheSince the beginning of march 2016, the cutting area next to the open cast mine Nochten has been occupied. With this occupation, called LAUtonomia, we want to create a hub of resistance in the Lusatian lignite mining area, a place where we can meet, talk and plan. Lignite, animal exploitation, militarism – a lot of constructs that keep the greed machine called capitalism running can be found and fought in the lusatia area. In times of increasing state repression it is important to create initiatives and get active.
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