Here we go – Forest occupied in the clearing area of the Nochten mine


LAUtonomia starts

Last weekend, we set up a forest occupation close to the village Rohne, which is supposed to be bulldozed for the mine. Today our project goes public. At first, three platforms were built in the treetops of a group of ancient oaks, right next to the edge of the cleared area.

Come around!

The occupation is an open space – we invite all of you warmly to live and fight there with us. Come around, move in, join in!

We want to stay in Lusatia permanently, and resist lignite mining and other forms of oppression. For background information, just look around on this website.

You’ll find updates on our twitter page:
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There’ll be information events on LAUtonomia in a couple of cities over the next weeks. You can find the exact dates and venues if you click on “dates“. If your city isn’t listed yet you can go ahead and organise a room – contact us via:

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