Update Sara: Free for several weeks now

schließerAfter careful consideration, we decided to publish some new Information about Sara’s case. In the past weeks, some events happened we couldn’t publish immediately on behalf of our lawyer. We’re now catching up on this, and hope you understand our silence.

Sara is free since the 22nd of March, the Day of her appeal trial. After the trial, she was brought back to the prison – with the justification, there would be a second arrest warrant. It wasn’t called out to her, which would be necessary to legalize her further inprisonment.
Back in the prison, she was released immediately. She is now in a safe place.

At the moment, we (and her lawyer) don’t know, if the second arrest warrant exists or existed at all, and if yes, what’s the accusation. The lawyer can’t see her file, because it’s still with the police.

It’s possible, that Sara’s second arrest warrant is still valid and she was only released because of a mistake of the prison. But it’s also possible this warrant never existed.

We’re not commenting this perversity in this place.

You can still send letters for Sara to the ABC Rhineland.

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