Invitation to the Forest-Week

WaldwocheSince the beginning of march 2016, the cutting area next to the open cast mine Nochten has been occupied. With this occupation, called LAUtonomia, we want to create a hub of resistance in the Lusatian lignite mining area, a place where we can meet, talk and plan. Lignite, animal exploitation, militarism – a lot of constructs that keep the greed machine called capitalism running can be found and fought in the lusatia area. In times of increasing state repression it is important to create initiatives and get active.

That’s why we invite you from 18 to 25 May to come visit the occupation at the  opencast mine Nochten. Of course, it is possible to come visit at all times – and of course stay there. But the Forest Week is a particularly good opportunity in case you have always wanted to come but did not find the time yet.

During the week there will be practical and theoretical workshops, and a concert on Friday, by our friends Liederwich and Konny! This event will be shortly after Ende Gelände, so if you are coming to the area anyway it might be a good reason to stick around – and do some actions, of course!

These days, shortly after the sale of the Lusatian lignite to the Czech energy group EPH, and when most people leave the region after Ende Gelände it is particularly important that we are with many. The repression  that can follow after Ende Gelände from the security in the area could mean we will not be able to continue doing actions and living next to the mine. We are fighting with the people that are suffering because of lignite,  we want to remain permanently in the lausitiz and show that we are here to stay.

Come to the Lusatia and stay, the resistance here goes on until the last open cast pit is closed.

If you want to come, check regularly for updates and organizational information!

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