Solidarity with “Stop Fennovoima”‘s struggle against Nuclear Power!

solifinnlandFor more than a whole year now, activists in Finland resist the building process of a new nuclear power plant – with an occupation. During an action week (22.4. until 1st of May), police evicted and crushed both camps there. They used massive violence against activists, who mostly could flee into the woods. There were dozens of arrests, from which some still continue.

Like the ZADs (Zones a defendre, Areas to defend) in France, the No TAV movement in Italy, the Hambach Forest Occupation near Cologne, Save Skouries in Greece and many others, also “Stop Fennovoima” is a befriended project to us, to which we feel related to.

We send our Compas all our strength and solidarity up to the north. Stay strong, Stop Fennovoima!

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