Coal-Train blocked with Concrete-Pyramid

pyramidaWe’re sorry that we cant translate all content from the German blog now, because we are too busy with actions. :-/

Since yesterday, 3pm, activists from LAUtonomia and Robin Wood are locked in a 1500kg concrete pyramid on the rails connecting the coal power plant Schwarze Pumpe with the open cast mine Jänschwalde, its most important supplier.

UPDATE 12am, 3rd day:

The Pyramid-Blocade was evicted yesterday around 3:30pm. All activists there were arrested. 7 People were releases this morning, one person remains in inprisonment on remand, at least for 3 weeks. She’s named Yu.

UPDATE 10am, 2nd day:

Technical teams of the police have arrived at the scene, could be that there is an eviction soon.

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