Short Update from the actions


UPDATE:  All activists from the Lock-On-Action in the western blockade are free since monday morning. Our comrade Yu remains inprisoned.

We’re not able to report in detail about what is happening here, so now just a few short sentences.

There are still 4 activists chained to the tracks at the western entrance to the coal power plant Schwarze Pumpe. They are supporting the mass blockade at the same place. The power plant is still completely blockaded.

fertigYu, who was arrested yesterday night at the pyramid-action, is now in inprisonment on remand in the prison Luckau-Duben, and will have to stay there for at least 3 weeks. She’s charged with resistane against police, and inprisoned because she refuses to give her identity.

All other activists from the pyramid action were this early morning in cottbus, without their IDs known to the police.

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