Provisional programm for the forest week

Course of the day below

Wednesday, 18th of May
2pm – Climbing introduction
4pm – Workshop “How to refuse to give your personal details”

Thursday, 19th of May
4pm – Knot-Workshop
6pm – True Cost of Coal – Workshop about the effects of coal mining

Friday, 20th of May
Concert at 3pm

Saturday, 21st of May
2pm – Climbing Introduction

Sunday, 22nd of May
2pm – Medics-workshop

Monday, 23rd of May
2pm – Press and social media workshop
4pm – Workshop “How to plan an action”

Tuesday, 24th of May
2pm – Improvisation theatre
4pm – Workshop: writing to prisoners

Course of the day

11am: ToDo-Meeting
1pm: Lunch
after 2pm: Workshops
7pm: Dinner
9pm: TekMil (Meeting about structure and feelings)

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