Yu in prison

Friday night our friend Yu was arrested during an action of a railwayempty-cages blockade. With the help of a concrete pyramide weighing nearly a ton, the coal transport from the Jaenschwalde mine to the power plants Jaenschwalde and Schwarze Pumpe was cut off for more than 24 hours, together with Robin-Wood activists.

While all other people involved were set free on Sunday morning, Yu is now imprisoned in the correctional facility (JVA) Luckau-Duben. She is accused of resisting the authorities, the reason for detaining her in custody is supposed to be risk of flight because she has been refusing to reveal her personal details. “Usually“ resistance is not “reason“ enough for someone to be put into investigative custody.
Thus, the increasing repression the state exerts on the climate movement continues. According to initial information she will be in investigative custody for at least three weeks, pending trial.

As things stand at present, Yu is the only activist who has been imprisoned last weekend in the context of the Ende Gelaende action days. For a while it looked like all activists involved in lock-on actions were supposed to be treated in a similar way; a clear attempt to split legit resistance into good and bad resistance in the eyes of the public. We hope that the movement recognizes that Yu is inside by proxy for everyone and supports her accordingly.

Write her letters! Letters are extremely important for prisoners, oftentimes they are their only contact to the outside world. Take pictures showing your solidarity, pack your letters with leaves, photos and drawings, and don’t forget to also send stamps and envelopes for her to be able to respond.
Write to (the number is her prisoner number – pleade add, because the prisons sometimes don’t give letters to unknown prisoners):
Unbekannte Person „Yu” 174/16/3
JVA Luckau-Duben
Lehmkietenweg 1
15926 Luckau

If you don’t want to indicate your own adress as sender, use the adress of the Rote Hilfe Berlin. It is important to indicate a sender, because the prisons send back letters the are not willing to give to the prisoner. And maybe, Yu, wants to answer.
Rote Hilfe OG Berlin
c/o Stadtteilladen die Lunte
Weisestraße 53
12049 Berlin

They wanted us all, they just got one!
Until all are free noone ist free!

Spread the news and let as many people as possible know – Free Yu!

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