Police and security: What you have to expect at the forest week

bullen+secuAbout the police

There have been several controls by the police during the last few days. They call it „Verdachtsunabhängige Kontrollen“ (random control without suspicion) caused by the polish-german border which is near the site.
During this control the police will ask a lot of questions so you should either talk about something you want to tell them or just say nothing about where you are heading and what you want to do there.

So, whats happening during the control?

– They will proof your identity. So, either you hand them your ID- Card or you have to tell them your name and your date and place of birth.

You can also deny your identity. It’s a good to talk about this beforehand as the police will take you (the denying person) to the policestation to try to proof your identity there. Therefore, they will try to take your fingerprints and a foto of you.

Important: You sign nothing. They can also hold you for 12 hours. You should call the organisation- phone so that we know what happened and can either plan to pick you up or call a lawyer. If you don’t tell your name to the police, we don’t need to know it neither. Also anonymous persons do have the legal right to a lawyer.

– They will search you. You’have to empty your pockets. Afterwards they will search you on their own and maybe you will have to put off your shoes so that they can be searched as well.
Also, they will search your cars, backpacks and jackets.
They especially look for „Dangerous Items“. As this, they also count Climbing Gear. If they find something, they will take it.

Important: You sign nothing. Not even the list of your confiscated stuff. The police has to give it to you still. If they don’t want to, discuss it til the end- this paper is the only thing you have to get back your stuff. Make sure that it lists as detailed as possible what they confiscated. If they don’t want to do that, offer to write it down on your own.
Pepperspray , if purchased freely, is legal to have, which doesn’t mean that the police won’t try to confiscate it nonetheless. Stay hard on this matter and make clear that you don’t want to use it against human animals.

Make sure that you don’t take a knife with you which you are not allowed to have.

Make sure, that you don’t carry any information with you which the police should not know about.

You may get a ban of the premisis.
This shall ban you of the Vattenfall- property for the next 24 hours.

Bans of the premisis don’t have legal consequences for you, but they allow for your detention from the property you’re officially banned from.
Still, the bans of premisis you get during the control are not even lawful; they are not written down and they would count for different counties which is also not lawful. But it has to be doubted wether the police cares and objections can be only made after the 24 hours.

About the security service

Vattenfall has a security service in the woods. They are driving around with landrovers and take pictures of activists. Before the Ende-Gelände- Actions, contact with them was astonishing peaceful (no similarities to Hambach Forrest), but we can not be sure what the situation now may look like.
So far, nothing happened.

There are also cameras in the trees and along the way, so face-covering is recommended.

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