Eviction of Lautonomia – ticker

Today, on the 18th of May, our forest occupation in the Lusatian lignite mining region is being evicted by the police. Here you can find the most current information:


3:45 pm
§315b section 3 is supposed to be the reason for their bail hearing, a paragraph dealing with dangerous interference with road traffic. This has allegedly happened in the context of Ende Gelaende. The minimum penalty is 6 months for a less severe case, and between 1 and 10 years for a more severe case.

Interesting: Exactly these people had been set free on the weekend….  This shows how randomly the state prosecutors changed their mind.

3:18 pm
Most likely, two more people are going to be shown to the magistrate tomorrow. The identities of both persons are known, both are non-german citizens.

3:00 pm
There is a new blog entry in which you can find all dates of solidarity demonstrations we know of. If you also organised something please let us know so that we can add it to the list!

1:45 pm
Several cities, such as Berlin and Göttingen, are organising solidarity demos tonight. If you are also organising something in your town send us the details and we’ll post it to the blog!

1:25 pm
21 activists have been taken to custody to the police station in Weisswasser after the occupation was evicted. As far as we know the eviction is concluded, but we’ll keep posting news here.

12:00 am
People who gave their personal details are also held at the police station in Weisswasser.

11:55 am
Everyone in custody is accused of: trespassing, property damage, environmental crimes (?!) Environmental crimes usually are things like air or water pollution – so, WHO is the environmental criminal here???

11:10 am
Parlamentarian observers are on their way to the occupation.

11:08 am
Come to the police station in Weißwasser to support the people who are detained there! Be aware, Nazis could be in the area…

10:20 am
There is no contact anymore to the occupation! We wish everyone in the trees and at the police station all the strength we have!

9:35 am
The occupation mobile phone is taken by the police. Press people, please come around!!!

9:20 am
They are not trying to reach the trees with an actual lifting platform, but with a ladder standing on a wheel loader. People aren’t told to which police station they are taken.

9:15 am
Police doesn’t react to questions reagrding the reason or cause for their demeanour.

9:10 am
Identity checks, a first person is taken into custody. The accusation: trespassing.

8:45 am
The occupation is being surrounded by the cops. Climbing cops aswell as a wheel loader with a shovel and a ladder attached to it are on site. Ropes and connections between the trees are cut.

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