The eviction of LAUtonomia

triggerwarning: text contains policebrutality

I woke up to the sound of cops arround the treehouse.

I looked out to see 2 masked police trying to cut the traverse that connected the tree to other parts of the occupation. I realised that an eviction was underway and quickly put on my harness and attached myself to the traverse to prevent them cutting it. But this didn’t stop them as I had expected. They continued to cut the rope, allowing me to fall into the climbline. I got back to the treehouse and prepare myself for eviction and arrest. I could see and hear the other 2 treehouses already being demolished. I felt sad and angry, worried for the forest and my friends, but determined to make it as difficult as possible to get me down. There was a lock-on a few meters above the platform but no handcuffs. It didn’t take long until the climbing cops arrived below me, so I then started to climb up the tree, ready to lock on. The rest of the occupation had already been evicted, so all the cops started to gather around me. One person surrounded by more than 50 cops. One masked cop, dressed all in black was carrying some kind of paintball gun. I watched him as he aimed it directly at me. I instinctively shielded my face behind the tree just in time for the first time for the first shorts that hit the tree. By now the first climbing cop was just below me. He told me that he was a police officer and a medic. This was somewhat naively reassuring at first, but later I realised that being a police medic just means that they feel its ok to inflict greater violence upon people. My hands were glued together inside the lock-on, also attached to the lock-on. The immediate response from a cop with the paintball gun was to shoot me all over my leg. I tried again to shield my face, ignore the pain and focus on the forest, the sound of the birds, the sunlight on the trees. I was here for the protection of the wild-life and I felt good about what I was doing. Even if this would be my last act as a free person for some time. By now, 2 climbing cops had reached my position. I informed them that I was locked on and unable to free myself.”You are not locked on”, they said. I tried to insist that I indeed was locked on, but they refused to believe me. The cops positioned themselves either side of me and began trying to rip me out of the lock-on. One cop was pulling one of my armes with all his strength, while other was kicking hard on the other arm and also kicking me in the body. I screamed in pain as my skin was ripped from the glue and my arms were crushed against the metal tubes I was attached to. I shouted for them to stop and tried to hold my grip the best I could . They stopped their torture for a minute. I tried to explain that I was glued inside but they simply didn’t care. They knew that it would take many hours to cut me out safely and they just wanted to get me down as fast as possible, so they resumed their violence against me. They managed to break one of my hands free from the glue and pulled out my arm. The other arm was still attached to a metal bar inside the tube and was now hanging below me, it was heavy on my arm and one cop was pulling it down harder. I asked them to get some chemicals to dissolve the superglue, but they told me that they didn’t have any. I decided that it was better for me to work my fingers free from the lock-on, rather than risk the cops injuring my hands even more. A couple of minutes later I was out of the lock. My hands bleeding , my arms, legs and body bruised . They took me down and carried me away without even bothering to ask if I`m ok or if I need some medical treatment.

This was my first eviction by german police. The level of brutality and total disregard for my life was shocking , but not that surprising. The police-state work as security guards for any corporation that pays them, using a varity of repression towards any person, eco-system or living being that stands in their way. The police are there to maintain this system while our air and water and land get more and more polluted. While the last forests are cut down in the name of progress-making. With this in my mind I will never give up the struggle to prevent this happening. The pain that the police and the state inflict on us with their fists, boots and by throwing our comrades in prison will only serve to clarity our understanding that this system has to be stopped. It adds fuel to the fire of restistence that burns in our hearts.

Solidarity with all wild-life and people trying to protect them, especially the people who are in prison since this eviction!!!

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