How to get there


You can find the occupation at this point:

51°29’47.6″N 14°32’45.8″E
51.496556 14.546056

If you need help finding the occupation or got lost in the forest just call the occupationphone.

Using public transportation:

Via train: Take the train to Schleife (that is 25 minutes from Cottbus)

busmühlroseausbauYou can take the bus from Schleife train station. It’s going 4 times a day between 11am and 3pm to the bus stop Mühlrose-Ausbau (Line 264/265). Check the bus online before you start (;! From this point you still have to walk some kilometers (check by foot)

If the Bus is not working for you because of time or money, you can call us before you get there and we will try to organize picking you up,  but it may take a while. If you call us the day before, we’re more likely to manage. 😉 Otherwise, there are 8km between you and the occupation.

by foot:

When you get out at the trainstation Schleife you turn right and follow the road until you reach a crossroad. To your right there will be a railroad crossing. Turn left and follow the street Mühlroserstraße for something like 4 kilometers. On this way you will pass by Trebendorf. When you pass some houses and the bus station Mühlroser Anbau you are close to the street Weißwasserweg. Turn left into the Weißwasserweg. You will come to the edge of the forest. In the forest, take the third road to the right. You know that you took the right way when you will cross a red-white gate. Now you will pass by some swath (of destruction). At one of them you will find a black pipeline, a camera, a pile of sand and maybe some Secu-cars. You can tell that you took the right path when you don’t have to climb over the black pipeline. Cross this swath and walk straight. At the next parting of the ways you turn right (again there is a pile of sand and two “hidden” cameras). After some meters there will be a meadow on the right side and probably you already can see the first treehouse with a banner.

by car from Schleife:

On the road between Schleife and Mühlrose (K8476) you turn into “Weißwasserweg” in “Mühlrose Ausbau”. In the forest, you take the third turn right and then you continue streight forward. When you arrive at a big swath, continue like descripted in “by foot”. You can drive into the forest until a certain point – but it’s more safe to park outside of the forest. Then follow the way like written at by foot.