Eviction – and now?



Our occupation directly hinders Vattenfalls’ lignite mining – and additionally is pretty uncomfortable for those in power in Lusatia. Hence, it’s only logical to assume that an eviction is going to take place. Of course we’ve already had some ideas on how to deal with that situation.

We’ll come back!

LAUtonomia is a long-term project. We came here to stay, and to practice an emancipatory style of politics in the long run. Therefore it’s clear to us: we’ll squat again after an eviction!

Actions in solidarity on day X!

You live further away, and can’t come to Lusatia fast enough in case of an eviction? Doesn’t matter. We can only take action against an eviction if pressure is being built at a variety of spots. Vattenfall has its service centres or offices in many cities. Buildings of other energy companies like RWE, E.On and EnBW can be worthy targets aswell. Prepare actions in advance, or make a spontaneous assembly – be it blockades, manifestations, vigils… Everything is welcome, and everything helps! Please send us pictures, too.

Watch out for announcements!

On our blog, via the newsletter and the text message distribution we’ll keep you posted on a new occupation. Perhaps there will be a demonstration in Cottbus the day after an eviction.

We decided against having a prepared concept ready – it is difficult to foresee the dynamics in case of an eviction in a region like Lusatia, without a bigger city nearby. Depending on the situation we will set a date for starting a new occupation and either announce it publicly or deal with it internally.