Inside the local resistance


Since the beginning of March 2016 a forest occupation in the Lusatia lignite mining area is in place once more. With our actions we want to contribute to stopping the open cast mines. We shouldn’t view this struggle just from our own perspective, since many other people and groups are active at our side.

It is obvious to us that we want to be part of a broad and diverse resistance. After careful consideration, we decided on a method we want to use – direct actions, carried out by small affinity croups based on trust. That doesn’t mean that we consider our approach as the only right one. It’s our method, but we appreciate and respect those that others use.

Citizen initiatives and local alliances have been organising the protest against lignite mining in the region for decades. Around the turn of the millennium, occupations and other direct actions took place in and around the village of Lacoma. The initiatives are gathering precious knowledge and are performing important basis work in the area – a precondition for every kind of approach to stop the depletion.

The action alliance Ende Gelände is mobilising to Lusatia for a mass action of civil disobedience in the time from 13th to 16th of May. The action has the potential to attract the attention of the wider public to the local resistance and to encourage hundreds of people to come to Lusatia and engage in direct action for the very first time.

Our occupation aims to create a long-term space of resistance on site and to stop the climate killer lignite through direct action.

The range of resistance in Lusatia will broaden in 2016 – we will be part of it. And we are willing to cooperate with any group that isn’t completely opposed to our target of an emancipatory society.