LAUtonomia-activist under arrest for two months

+++ come to the trial: 22nd of March, 12.45, regional court in Cottbus +++

On the 22nd of February, an environmental activist associated with the new forest occupation “LAUtonomia“ in Lusatia had been arrested due to shoplifting and has been under custody ever since. She is still refusing to reveal her identity. LAUtonomia calls for support and solidarity with the jailed activist.

Arrest, case, verdict

Sara is accused of having stolen goods worth 47,47€ in a hardware store on the 22nd of February. Because the authorities weren’t able to verify her identity, she was in detention before the main trial in the correctional facility in Luckau-Duben for one week. Then, the local court of Cottbus had her put on trial in an accelerated procedure.

The presiding judge Peter Merz agreed that the alleged crime was theft of negligible value. But since in his opinion a fine would not have been feasible (he declined the audiences’ offer to pay in cash right away) due to a lack of a “learning effect“ he sentenced her to two months
detention without probation. Grimly not without stressing that he apparently is known to be one of the most gentle judges in all of Brandenburg.

Merz justified the amount of the punishment with her decisiveness to stay anonymous. She was identified in court using fingerprints and photos which had been taken twice before during blockades in the resistance against lignite mining in the Rhineland. Sara had agreed with her lawyers to defend herself in court, because she wasn’t granted a public defender. She then lodged an appeal against the verdict and has been in (pretrial) custody since, until at least the 22nd of March, when the appeal proceedings are taking place.

Sara is the name she chose to be addressed with in the detention facility.


Letters are one of the few possibilities for her to be in contact with the outside world while she is in detention. Write letters to her, show her that you’re supporting her. Don’t forget to number the pages and letters and state some kind of return address. She’d be happy about photos, song lyrics, riddles, stories, zines, articles about current events, sports and stretching exercises, stickers and other stuff you might think of. Please indicate that the content might be triggering at the top of the page if you think that might be important. Add some stamps, so that she can communicate either with you or others.

Send your letters to this address:
ABC Rhineland
z.Hd.: Sara
Kallsgasse 20
52355 Düren

Freedom for Sara – down with coal power, climate change, prison and capitalism!