Why squatting?

A question of tactics or why we squat…

The quarrel over lignite mining is old, and its opponents took many different ways to stop it.

With our approach we want to turn away from forms of protest that express what people are opposing, and turn towards a resistance that does not allow Vattenfall and its successors to use Lusatia as a playground any more.

A squat is a very specific measure to prevent the forest from being cut. An eviction is likely to be time-consuming and expensive. It is likely to happen, but we will not allow ourselves to be repelled by this. We will appear again and again and destroy, cross or at least as much as possible hinder all plans of Vattenfall to desert this incredible landscape.

There is a profound abyss yawning between what ist legal and what we consider legitimate. Whether something is legal or not is decided by the state, which has never represented the interests of humanity, but instead pursues policies in favor of the highly privileged. For us, there is no reason to subject ourselves to rules that generate and tolerate destruction, displacement and massive social discrimination.

We do not acknowledge the right to ownership of Vattenfall, hence it is no reason for us not to go into the woods and to try and, by our presence, protect them against the chain saws.

Sooner or later, Vattenfall will probably try and sue us for trespassing or similar disruptions. This is completely absurd, for it is Vattenfall that casts people out of their houses and destroys and poisons the livelihood of all beings, not only in this particular area.

We are fed up with empty rhetorics and with authorities thinking they are able to order us around, to tell us to stay calm and endure all this!

We want the occupation to be a place where people can build and practice a resistant and alternative way of live. We are here and we will stay!

Viva L’AUtonomia!