About Shoplifting

Theft as a political statement

This text begins with a mental game: no one pays at the supermarket anymore, the common procedure is being asked “what do you need?“ followed by either “yes, we’ve got some of that in stock“ or “sorry, we ran out of that“.

EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE! What does that mean?

There’d be no homelesness and people could do whatever they’d be interested in because they wouldn’t be forced into paid work. Nobody would have to starve. There are enough ressources for everyone, they just have to be distributed properly.

A beautiful utopia, but unfortunately it’s the opposite of the reality we currently live in.

If we want everyone to have access to the things they need, regardless their financial situation, then so called “theft“ ist only the attempt to implement said utopia.

Moreover, the “legitimate owners“ of the “stolen goods“ always are huge corporations. Their business exploits both humans and ressources. Destruction of the environment, child labour and water privatisation become legal and are considered an evil to be accepted.

But to deprive exactly these corporations of a tiny bit of their profit is considered a violation of the “democratic constitutional order“ of the German Federal Republic.

This shows clearly how a rich persons’ right to property is more important than the quality of life of those with less privileges.

To violate these laws is important, and it’s the right thing to do in order to get a little closer to the ideal EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE!