Support us!

List of needed donations
Bank Account


Support us!

You want to support us and you live close by?

It would help us a lot if you would enlist in our water-contact-list. As we have no connection to neither running water nor electricity, it is very important to know where to get water and charge electronic devices from time to time. We’re also glad for opportunities to take a shower.

Moreover: No struggle without food! If you for example work in a grocery-store or on a farm, you could donate spare food to us.

Besides we’re going to create a list of phone numbers to contact in case of an eviction. Then it is crucial for people who are not directly involved in the occupation to show that they are present, and to let police and security staff know that they are being watched and that this struggle is not an isolated one!

To keep on building and creating we also need a lot of materials. Just check our “what we need”-list. Maybe you have somethingl lying around at your place that you don’t actually need.

Talk to the people around you about what’s happening. Public attention is exactly what doesn’t suit the plans of both the state and the corporations!

You want to support us but can’t be around?

Even though we regard our struggles as anticapitalist struggles, we can hardly avoid using money. Wether it’s for building material or for the expenses of repression, we still need money for the struggle against coal!
Hence, our account for donations is looking forward to being filled.

Show your solidarity! Show the state that they have to deal with more than a tiny isolated project! Make soli-photos, banners and whatever else comes to mind.

Also, get on their nerves! Most certainly Vattenfall, the cops, nature conservation authorities and security companies will be excited to receive lots of letters, calls and fax messages!


List of needed donations

Sleeping bags
sleeping mats
tarps (best with loops)
gaffa Tape
climbing equipment (also used)
climbing ropes
polypropylen rope
water tanks
working gloves
disposable gloves
fire extinguisher
wooden palets
other construction wood
mobile phones (preferably Samsung-Keystone) and phone batteries
car batteries
batteries (AA and AAA)
non-perishable foods
tools of all kinds
old tents

Bank Account

Account: Spen­den & Ak­tio­nen
account number: 92881806
BLZ: 513 900 00
name of the bank: Volks­bank Mit­tel­hes­sen
subject: LAUtonomia
IBAN: DE29 5139 0000 0092 8818 06